Opis: All Rights Belong To Their Respective Owners Belgrado - Obraz "Full Album 2016" Tracklist: 1. Dalej 2. 1000 Spektakli 3. Wiatr 4. Kulminacja Oddzielenia 5. Krajobraz 6. Raz Dwa 7. Nierealne Realne Społeczeństwo 8. Na Ten Czas 9. Pasaż 10. Fragmenty Świata... - Belgrado - Obraz (Full Album).

- One of my favorite album ever <3
- Que coisa mais linda
- just discovered them, and yes, can’t stop listening!
- Trop bien
Je vais de ce pas leurs autres albums. Ce que je ai entendu de mieux en rock depuis longtemps, trop longtemps
- Amazing album! Watch me playing the song Dead Generation on my guitar cover channel. Thanks!
- Their progressions are so awesome they almost gave me tears. These songs are gems.
- This album is so good . Keep hoping they’ll come to Seattle
- I loved this band! It’s look like very much with X-mal Deutschland! I was looking for a similar band!
- No está mal, pero Siglo XXI es muy superior
- Awesome
- Nije loša ova bagra. Pozdravi sa Beograda
- Great stuff
- Not very newing in 'style' and vibe....but this albomb is really good as the first two are too.
- tienes link del disco?
- Amazing !!!